Since the iPad Pro hit the shops, it’s time for the usual teardowns to appear, with the one pictured below done by iFixit. They took apart the latest iPad to see what makes it thick and found it to be quite hard to repair.


For one thing the Smart Connector port is almost impossible to replace, but the good news is that it includes no moving parts, so it won’t fail too soon. A piece of bad news is that the LCD and front panel glass are fused together, thus increasing the cost of repair and the risk of damaging the panel when opening up the slate. There’s quite a bit of adhesive holding this device into place and this also makes repairs harder.


The best thing about the iPad Pro is its removable battery, not soldered to the logic board. This iPad relies on a 3.77 V battery with a 10307 mAh capacity and also being very slim and compact. We also learn that foam is being used to cap the speaker units and SK Hynix makes the RAM inside the product, while Toshiba handles the storage. Overall, this model scores 3 out for repairability, so it’s not easy to repair.