During a speech in Ireland yesterday, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook felt the need to throw a jab at Microsoft’s first laptop, claiming that the Surface Book “is a product that tries too hard to do too much”.


It seems Apple doesn’t believe in hybrids, although with the current state of the tablet segment, those products may be the only ones growing properly. Anyway, Cook also claimed that the freshly launched laptop tries to be both a tablet and a notebook and it doesn’t succeed at being any of them. Unveiled last month, the Microsoft Surface Book has been praised by reviewers and its performances are said to surpass those of any MacBooks available.

Apple may be trying to give the just launched (in stores) iPad Pro a boost, by making those statements. Recently, Apple’s SVP of marketing, Phil Schiller also attacked the Surface Book, claiming that there’s no real market for hybrids. Well, the iPad Pro with a keyboard attached also becomes a hybrid of sorts, so we can’t quite see why Apple is being a bully about this segment.

Something has to kill PCs in the post PC era, right?

Photo source: Maximum PC