When the iPad Pro came out, it was met with reserved enthusiasm and some skepticism regarding its success. Reviews were generally good, but nobody expected the product to be a hot seller. Well, according to IDC it is, even beating the Surface Tablet units in the process.


The latest market estimates from IDC show that the iPad Pro outsold the Microsoft Surface tablet over Q4 2015. And that in spite of the fact that the 12.9 inch iPad was released around the middle of the quarter. Estimations have the slate at 2 million units, against the Surface’s 1.6 million units over the past 3 months.

The victory of the Apple behemoth comes while the whole tablet market is faltering, with a 10% decrease from the year before. Convertibles are rising, as CES 2016 confirmed and Microsoft is doing pretty fine, with a 29% increase (year over year). Still, they can’t keep up with Apple, which is kind of new in the field, while Microsoft has 4 generations of productivity-based tablets behind it.

Now let’s see that MacBook-iPad hybrid…