There’s a fresh rumor in town concerning the iPad Pro 9.7, which is basically the new name for the iPad Air 3. Apparently, the device is going to have a powerful camera.


Rumored to debut on March 22nd, this model is going to pack a 12 megapixel shooter, an unusually powerful cam for a slate. That same camera is going to be able to do 4K video capture it seems. The iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 both had 8 megapixel rear cameras, so the upgrade is clear. We’re not sure if the 12 MP camera will be borrowed from an iPhone 6s or not.

Anyway, 4K video capture may hint at a 4K display on the new iPad, as well as potential 4K video editing. That would require quite a bit of processing power and even some PCs launched over the past years have a hard time working with 4K. I guess that the Apple A9X and 4 GB of RAM may handle the work load. We’ll see…