The iPad has quite a bunch of official accessories, but how about a little something extra? What about a pointing device? Apparently, the folks of redmondpie tried the BTstack Mouse app on their jailbroken iPad unit, with some pretty impressive results. This made the tablet compatible with the Apple Magic Mouse, but also many other Bluetooth mice.

BTstack Mouse is a free app that was released previously for jailbroken iPhones and iPod touch units. You can check out a video showing the iPad controlled by Magic Mouse below and there’s a also nifty guide of getting this workaround on your Apple tablet in the following lines.

The first thing you might want to do is get a jailbroken iPad (Spirit and the whole deal) and then install BTstack Mouse from Cydia, available under BigBoss repository.

Afterwards, it’s time to start the app and let the iPad discover the Bluetooth mouse. The software has been tested with Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse 5000 and Apple Magic Mouse and they both worked perfectly.

While Apple is ready to support Bluetooth keyboards in iPhone OS 4.0, we’ll see if the support is also implemented for Bluetooth mice.

[via redmondpie]