The iPad Mini may have not generated queues in front of Apple stores, but it did generate a passion big enough to make people steal it… in huge quantities. Just days ago we found out that $1.9 million worth of iPad Minis were stolen from the JFK airport in New York and the FBI announced today that they’ve made an arrest.

Airport worker Renel Rene Richardson supposedly assisted during the heist, serving as a lookout with two other accomplices. They loaded pallets of iPad Minis using forklifts and Richardson was arrested after other employees claimed he asked questions about the iPad Mini shipment and forklifts ahead of the robbery. The FBI is searching Long Island for the truck containing the stolen iPad Mini units. The problem here is that the iPads haven’t been registered with Find My iPad just yet, so they’re hard to track down.

The funny thing is that this morning dozens of new iPad Minis suddenly showed up for sale in Long Island. Expect further arrests to go down and the iPad Mini heist to get a popularity boost. Frankly speaking, thieves would have been better off stealing iPhone 5 units, since they’re pricier, more compact and… more wanted by the public.