All the time during the debut of the iPad Mini Retina and before it we heard about potential delays and to blame were always the screen panels. In the end the device came in a reasonable time frame and now we’re hearing that the LTE version of the 7.9 inch slate will be delayed.


The product went on sale on November 12th in the first wave of countries and right now the iPad Mini 2 LTE is on backorder on ALL the major US carriers. Verizon, for example changed the shipping date from November 25th to December 2nd, while Sprint promises that the iPad Mini Retina will ship in two weeks.

AT&T now takes up to a month to ship, while T-Mobile might not even make it to Christmas with 6-8 week shipping delay. Apple still lists the original 5-10 business days to do the shipping, just like they did when the product launched. Europe is not looking good either, with T-Mobile Germany shipping the product in 2-3 weeks but Three UK sounds more relaxed, with instant shipping promised.

Will this device miss the prolific winter holiday sales?