New figures related to tablet sales, shipments and market share are in, straight out of IDC. It appears the iPad is still the market leader, in a segment that’s not looking very good right now.


Consumers continue to choose large screen phones and not tablets and many brands are struggling to stay relevant. Apple sold 11.2 million iPads in its fiscal Q3, down from the 13.7 million sold over the previous quarter. One more quarter of declining iPad sales is expected, before it’s time to feel the contribution of the future iPad releases, the iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4.

The release of iOS 9 and its productivity features may also help boost the sales of the iPad, that have also been declining in spite of Apple’s leadership. Samsung keeps its second spot, but with shipments cut 12% year over year, to 7.6 million units. Once again the whole segment is relying on Apple to revitalize it, after it basically “invented” it, as we know it today.

I’m guessing that from all the top 5 companies, Lenovo will be the one to benefit the most from the release of Windows 10, in the meantime…