Recently, a reputed Chinese analyst revealed something pretty precious, more precisely the fact that Xiaomi is currently preparing for the launch of a Windows 10 tablet in the next couple of months. As you may know, at the moment, in Xiaomi‘s portfolio we have the Mi Pad tablet, device that got a review right here on GSMDome a while ago.


Apparently, this Windows 10 slate will arrive on the market anytime between August and the end of September. Also, on August 16th, Xiaomi will unveil a new MIUI variant, an event that could be the right place for such a tablet launch.

In terms of specs, we might get a 8 to 10 inch display, an octa-core processor, 2 or 3 GB of RAM memory, 32 GB space of internal storage, a very slim case and also a big battery to support all these high-end specs. A microSD card slot will also be a nifty feature.