Lately it’s been all iPad rumors and speculations, with leaks of specs, prices and pics all over the web. Tomorrow’s the big debut event for the iPad 3 and many believe that the name of the new product will actually be iPad HD. Let’s look into that idea. The rumor has picked up steam courtesy of CNET and Venture Beat who confirmed this naming.

It would make sense to include in the name a portion that advertises the screen resolution, right? I have to remind you that the iPad 3 comes with a Retina Display, with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels and that it’s supposed to also bring improved cameras and a better CPU. What I really want to see here are some HD apps and I’m sure Apple has prepared those as well. Recently there have been case listings for Apple tablets, that are shown as compatible with the “iPad HD”, so the name came out semi-officially.

The earliest sighting of the name was last summer, when the iPad HD branding appeared in a iPhone 5 rumor frenzy. Apple is also rumored to be preparing an Apple TV unit with 1080p HD content support, meaning that we could also see this product announced tomorrow, in an all out HD event. What’s not to expect here is LTE, that has been dismissed by many news sites and inside sources. Are you excited about the new product(s)?