Ever since the days of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, the fine line between guitar playing and gaming hasn’t been explored properly. Now JamStik may give amateur guitar shredders a reason to rejoice. This gadget was shown at CES 2013 and it was a tiny guitar with real strings, about the same size as an ukulele.


The thing is that it can connect via WiFi to the iPad and be used to record, perform or learn instruments. The problem with this concept was that back at CES it was exactly that: a prototype, without a brand behind or a distributor. The folks behind the project took to IndieGoGo and promised to deliver a finalized product before the year end.

The JamStik relies on CoreMidi technology to interface with iOS musical apps, such as GarageBand, Moog’s Animoog or the Korg iPolysix. The 15 inch long instrument will be used to enter notes into the iPad and it doesn’t even need tuning. How cool is that? By the way, the device is already at 33% of its goal of funding, with 33 days to go.