The iPad 5 is expected to seriously upgrade its predecessor, if not with specs, at least with design traits like smaller bezels, lighter chassis and slimmer too. Now there are figures to associate to that slimming down.


For example, the device is supposed to be 15% thinner and 25% lighter than the predecessor if KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is to be believed. The iPad 5 is also expected to be faster, maybe get a better camera and smaller bezels. Back to the figures, this slate could be have a thickness around 7.5 to 8 mm and a weight of 500 grams.

The same analyst believes that the iPad 5 will adopt new hardware, including more energy efficient chips and a different display that fuses the glass and the panel in order to decrease thickness. The battery may also be thinner, everything for the greater good of a slimmer device, especially since the iPad 3 and 4 have come under fire for being bulky compared to competition.