The full size 9.7 inch next gen iPad has leaked just a few times so far, much less than the iPhone 5C or iPad Mini 2 for example. However, today we get one of rare occasions of spotting this unit, that’s shown in the pictures below.


The iPad 5 is supposed to be the first mainstream iPad that will change the design of the series, adopting more of an iPad Mini look. It will have narrow bezels (long ones) and it will be thinner and lighter. The new cases leaked on the web and the measurements show that we’re dealing with a 24 x 16.8 cm slate. This means the iPad 5 is almost as tall as the iPad 4, but quite a bit narrower.

The volume keys will now be available as separate buttons and stereo speakers will be present on either side of the Lightning port, according to the leaks. The Apple logo will also be silver instead of black. As usual, you should take everything with a grain of salt, since the images could be doctored.