Kai-fu Lee, the former head of Google’s China operations recently mentioned a couple of details regarding Apple’s upcoming tablet on his Chinese language blog. He claims that Steve Jobs will release the iSlate in January and 10 million units will be produced in the first year, according to the IDG News Service.

The list of details goes on, with the mention of the fact that the tablet will sport a 10.1 inch touchscreen display and it’ll look like a bigger iPhone. Among the features of the device there’s also a virtual keyboard, 3D graphics, videoconferencing support and e-book compatibility. Also, the price of the tablet will be kept under $1,000.

This info pretty much fits in with what we knew, the January 26th Apple event and San Francisco and all, although the size of the display is different from the one mentioned in the specs leaked a couple of days ago. Needless to say, these are rumours, so they must be taken with a grain of salt…

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