While everyone is talking about the iPad Mini and everything connected to it, there’s another device to think about now. I’m talking about the iPad 4, that has just had a part leaked, its dock connector, shown below. The source of the leak made itclear that this the connector for the iPad 4 and not a refreshed one for the iPad 3.

While the iPad Mini should come with an Apple A5X CPU, 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, 512 MB of RAM or 1 GB and a 5 MP camera, we can only speculate what the iPad 4 will be about. I expect it to keep the same Retina Display, adopt the Apple A6 processor from the iPhone 5, get 1 GB of RAM and maybe a slight camera improvement. Also, I think Apple will work on a slimmer case, since everyone has been claiming that the iPad 3 was a bit too bulky and heavy for their expectations.

With the iPad Mini selling so well (according to predictions), I think that Apple may as well skip a rushed iPad 4 launch in the early 2013 phase and save themselves for a fall 2013 iPad Mini 2 debut… but once again that’s pure speculation on my part.