The last time that the upcoming iPad was in the news, it had us convinced that it was coming in 2012. Well, now it turns out that the device might come in Q4 instead of next year. One should remember that the iPad 2 was released merely 3 months ago, so it’s far from an aged product.

A report published by Reuters recently, quoting Taiwanese site Economic Daily says that Apple will be launching the iPad 3 in the fourth quarter of 2011. What’s really important in this report is the fact that the new tablet is supposed to have a very impressive resolution: 5-6 times higher than the one of the second iPad.

Considering that the first iPad and its follow-up both adopt a 9.7 inch 1024 x 768 pixel screen, the new resolution should be around 2400 x 1600 after a quick calculus. If we take into account the pixel density of such a tablet (about 297 PPI), it will still be lower than the one of the iPhone 4, that is 326 PPI.

This means that a Retina Display on the future iPad might solve all problems, but we need to more about the screen involved, before we give a verdict. A camera upgrade is also expected on the iPad 3 as well as an even thinner design.

  • Deian Stancu

    This is the most idiotic rumor ever, even if Ipad 3 launches this year, which I don’t think it’s going to happend, the Ipad 2 is not even settled on the market, Apple never rushes to launch another product, not when there is cash to milk, such big resolution is impossible on 10″ screen, imagine how much RAM and processing power will the device need to display textures, images. Even big desktop GPU’s struggle with modern games of 1680*1050 pixels or full HD games like Dirt or Crysis.
    I think that Apple is going to launch Ipad 3, but not this year, but when it launches, it will still have 4/3 screen, it’s the “sweet spot”, with 1600*1200 max resolution, and a quad CPU, with maybe 1GB RAM. It doesn’t need more, Ios is so optimized, even with 256 MB my old Ipad works better than my Motorola Xoom in Pulse Reader, Xoom lags so much, it makes me cry. Tried with Acer Iconia A500, with Transformer, they all lag big time in Pulse, I can’t write a comment without lag….

    Google, work harder!!! Don’t be like Microsoft, sleeping on the job…