Word has it that Apple has a couple of third generation iPads available in the supply chain right now. However, the Cupertino giant isn’t in any hurry to release its product, so the iPad 3 will most likely come in 2012.

J.P. analyst Mark Moskovitz agrees with this move, also mentioning that other tablet makers have “stumbled” up until now, without making a big difference on this market. Motorola and RIM are mentioned as the biggest disappointments, while Sony is already predicted to fail, with the S1 and S2 slates.

The problem with Apple’s rivals is the lack of a refined, sleek feeling like the one of the iPad. Also, Android OS in the Honeycomb flavor is pulling back all these rival tablets, since we all know the problems of the OS, starting from lag, lack of dedicated apps and improper multitasking. However, Moskovitz is saying that Amazon’s tablet might have a shot to become a “true second place”, with the iPad keeping its domination.