With rumors of Samsung ditching Windows Phone in the near future, one must wonder if the company will go all out with Bada, that’s handling the competition pretty well. After all, the Wave series handsets sold in millions and now there are rumors about a Bada tablet.

However, the South Korean giant recently announced that it doesn’t intend to launch any Bada tablet, or at least not soon. Considering the fact that I’ve recently seen a demo of a Windows 8 on a Samsung tablet, odds are that the Asian company’s partnership with Microsoft will be a lasting one. And I don’t even need to talk about the success of the Galaxy Tab series, in spite of Apple’s effort to take it down in court.

Especially the new device Galaxy Tab 7.7 is appealing, so there’s really no reason for Samsung to start building its own tablets with its own OS. Samsung exec Dipesh Shah mentioned during the recent Bada Developer Day in India that the bada environment was created for affordable smartphones and it’s not suited for a tablet.