Apple seems to be having some problems with its planning of the next generation of iPad and iPhone… It turns out that the iPad 3 supply scheduled has been canceled for the second half of 2011, which in a hilarious way affects other tablet PC makers to delay their launches as well.

Meanwhile, the iPad 2 supply for H2 2011 is still kept in reasonable limits, at 28-30 million units, according to inside sources. Apple was originally supposed to debut the new iPad in the following months, with 1-5 – 2 million units being available in Q3 and 5-6 million in the last quarter, but the supply partners can’t seem to take the heat.

The yield rate of the 9.7 inch panel with 2.048 x 1.536 pixel resolution is the primary source of concern here, since it’s supplied by Japanese company Sharp with a high price. Meanwhile, other Apple partners such as Samsung and LG Display can’t reach that good of a yield and the Cupertino giant can’t really handle a unsatisfactory yield…

There’s also a requirement for a larger backlight source needed for the new generation of display and also some technology improvements for the iPad 3, required by its thinness. When will the iPad 3 come under such production stress?