It’s really a blessing when you uncover a fresh set of code, that reveals detail about upcoming products… Thus, the fact that the iPad 3 was a bit detailed by the latest version of Xcode doesn’t surprise me. Turns out that Apple’s gadget will support Marvell’s quad core CPU.

I’m talking here abouyt an ARM compliant Armada XP processor, that might make the cut to the next iPad and make Apple give up the A Series systems on chip. Of course, this is mere speculation, based on the tiniest of leaks. What about the quad core Apple A6 we’ve heard so much about? And what about the partnership with TSMC?

Well, the Cupertino giant could choose to rely on the Marvell quad core processor for prototypes and for tablets only, while the iPhone 6 could relyon theA6 still. Apple has always been the kind of company to use internal resources and it pains them to have to user other companies for component delivery.

Well, maybe if the Marvell quad core solution delivers, they could just skip the A6…