Amazon has just started sending out invites to the US press representatives for a special event to take place on September 28th. Said event will unfold in New York City and it’s most likely related to the debut of the Kindle Tablet.

Last we heard, the slates was supposed to be priced at $250, that would make it an Android plus iPad killer, no matter the specs. Gone are the rumors about the 7 inch Amazon Coyote and 10 inch Hollywood models, as the retailer seems to have decided to go with the 7 inch slate by itself.

We remind you that the Coyote is a dual core model, while the Hollywood, if it exists is a quad core unit, that might actually debut in 2012. We’re expecting a multimedia tablet, that will be a hot item at Christmas time. Some say that the Kindle tablet will be some sort of Nook Color rival, although it should do so much more. The Amazon device will most likely integrate their cloud service, movie rental service, Android app store and more.

Expect a custom UI for Android as well…