Apple released the first iOS 8 beta on June 2nd, that was theoretically made with developers in mind, but many thousands of people installed it anyway. Today comes the iOS 8 beta 2, ripe for the taking for the iPads and iPhones out there.


Obviously, the first beta had bugs and issues, since that’s what betas are about, so the new version solves some of them. I’ll have to remind you that the finalized iOS 8 comes this fall and all the feedback provided between June 2nd and then will be golden for Apple. The iOS 8 beta 2 update comes via OTA and it’s also available as a download from Apple’s developer portal.

It solves a few bugs from the first iOS 8 beta, like the broken links to developer websites from an app’s developer page for example (App Store). It also fixes authentication issues, incorrect values returned by the API in some cases, app crashes on launch if they came over from a Restore from Backup. The battery life was also a problem in some circumstances, as well as Bluetooth connection, both fixed now.

The changelog is actually quite long and even includes some suggestions on how to work around bugs. You’ll find it in the source link below!