Intel has yet to tackle the mobile device market in a serious way, but 2012 is the year they’ll be setting loose some pretty interesting computing solutions. The Medfield CPU range will be focused on handset applications and Intel will also create a special processor for tablet PCs.

Industry sources confirmed that the CPU maker is working on a tablet-oriented technology. Intel wants to take on ARM and its famous processors and offer better thermal design power and performance, if possible. The TDP ratings of Intel’s chipsets for tablets and smartphones aim at being lowered to 10W in the following years. The next 3 years will include launches of the 32nm Saltwell, 22nm Silvermont and 14nm Airmont chipsets, according to inside sources.

Benchmarks will tell us if Intel have a winning hand here, but they have to hurry since Nvidia is already evolving fast and Qualcomm plus TI OMAP have big plans for the future, especially the Android universe.