Usually, people choose smartphones with different operating systems, from different reasons. Some choose it for its ease of use, or for its looks, while other choose it thinking about its hardware. There are a lot of reasons like the ones above. iOS and Android are one of the most popular operating systems avaible on the market, so out there it’s a competition between them.


In terms of sales, it seems that iOS managed to beat out Android during the Thanksgiving and Black Friday period in USA. According to a IBM report, iOS users spent 127.92$ per order on Black Friday, while Android users spent only 107$.

Also, iOS traffic reached 28.2% of all online traffic, compared to 11.4% for Android. From all online sales, 18.1% was iOS sales, and Android sales only 3.5%. These details are really impressive for iOS, although we know that Android it’s the leader in US, with a market share of 52%.