Today at IFA 2015 Samsung unveiled the Gear S2 smartwatches, but that wasn’t the only product on show. At the end of the conference Samsung teased something called Galaxy View, that somehow seems to involve a tablet, judging by the teaser images below.


We seem to be dealing with a device related to consumption of TV shows and movies, apparently. It has a solid kickstand, to prop it up for proper viewing. Interestingly these images come right after rumors talked about an upcoming Samsung 18.4 inch tablet, also meant for media viewing. Whatever Galaxy View is, it’s coming in October and speculations claim it’s either a device or a service, maybe a video streaming one.


It could be an accessory, or maybe even an Apple TV rival. However, strictly judging from the pictures they teased, it seems to be a tablet, also a pretty big one. Seeing how sometimes Samsung surprises everyone, they may as well put Windows 10 on it and connect to the Xbox and PCs for an entirely different ecosystem. What do you think?