In case you want to know the real deal about Apple’s textbook iBooks 2 initiative, know that Cupertino gives authors the possibility to set their own prices. Of course, that provided that they keep it under $14.99, while Apple takes a 30% cut out of the profit.

Another condition is exclusive partnership with Apple for iBooks 2. This means that if you’re a big publisher you can’t simply convert all your real life books or older digital books to e-textbooks for iBooks 2. Instead you’ll have to provide or make new ones, exclusively for the service launched this week. If the iPad price point drops any further over the next years, I guess we’ll see millions of units being used in school and replacing books.

Are you ready to pick up $14 textbooks for your children? Is it too much, or a reasonable amount? Have your say on this aspect of parenting and education in the following Comments section. I consider this to be a reasonable price, considering how much books usually cost.