The HTC Nexus 9 was probably the worst received Nexus tablet in the history of the brand and certainly much worse than the Nexus 7. It went for a more premium approach, with a premium price and failed to capture audiences. In the end, its demise seems logical.


So, after Google pulled the device from the Play Store last month, now HTC announced it has stopped manufacturing it alltogether. There are still some models on sale via the HTC website in the meantime. Usually when a product meets this fate, it’s time for a successor, but this is not the case. The current flagship Google Nexus tablet is the Pixel C, which is more of a hybrid and an iPad Pro and Surface Pro rival.

Nexus 9 wasn’t well received, neither by reviewers, nor by the public. It’s very hard to believe that HTC will try to make a tablet again, after failing with the Flyer, Jetstream and Nexus 9. It puzzles me to hear the rumors saying they’ve been contracted to make Nexus phones for the next 3 years or so, but that may just rumors.

It appears that demand wasn’t a problem of the Nexus 9, as HTC claims it simply completed its manufacturing run.