An ultra secure tablet focused on biometrics reading has been launched today and it bears the name of CredenceTAB. Coming from Credence ID, this 10 inch model is FBI PIV FAP 30 certified for print scanning.


It also has front and rear cameras, that use ICAO-compliant face capture, aside from the print scanner. Then there’s a smart card reader, compatible with contact-based cards and contactless cards, plus an MRZ reader for new ePassports. The slate is basically ideal for voting processes, border controls and customer onboarding.

It can also be easily used in the banking segment and the private sector. CredenceTAB seems to run Android and comes with the full bundle of apps installed, although it’s not very reassuring to see an UI that reminds me of KitKat or Honeycomb, as shown by those 3 virtual shortcuts at the bottom of the screen.