A few days ago, through the guys from @upleaks we found out that HTC is currently working on a new device called HTC Hima (One M9), a flagship phone that could be the successor of the actual One (M8). Today, the leaker gave us another information, more precisley a document that reveals some info about Hima and other devices prepared by the Taiwanese company.


The surprise in these documents is the fact that a device called Hima Ultra shows up listed, device that could be a phablet version of the upcoming flagship. There’s also mentioned an HTC Hima Ace (polycarbonate version), as well as a Windows Phone 8.1 variant of the HTC Hima.

Leaked-and-unconfirmed-details-about-some-of-HTCs-upcoming-devices (1)

Another thing that catch our eyes is the fact that HTC prepares some tablets too, devices that may be based on the Nexus 9, a slate launched a while ago under Nexus branding in partnership with Google.