It’s the smallest inventions that yield the most impressive results, so I can’t say I’m surprised to see the Nanoport demoed below. This is a type of magnetic connector, that allows smartphones to be connected together, forming a sort of tablet, as shown below.


Nano Magnetics have a patent pending for the technology and that will be shown for the first time as a working model at CES 2015. There was already a mockup shown at CES 2014, but it didn’t get as much press coverage. Magnetic connections are only one aspect here, since there will also be data transfer back and forth between devices. In the current crowded space of smartphones and portable devices, many of us have an older last gen handset laying around.

That model can now be connected to our current phone, breathing new life into it. Two 5 inch phones may create a small tablet and using the Nanoport magnets you may also connect other devices or accessories, like battery packs, speakers or cameras. Nanoport ensures secure and fast data and power transfer between devices, so things may get even more interesting.