HP’s Todd Bradley vaguely confirmed that the company he’s working for will launch one or more webOS tablet on February 9th, the date when a HP event is scheduled to take place. Bradley was being interviewed by CNBC, when this piece of info popped up, so when we have asked how HP will set its products apart from the iPad he only said “you and I will talk about that on the 9th”.

This is very much a confirmation of the debut of a slate from Hewlett Packard, although not a 100% one, but still better than nothing. As the interview goes on, the official says that HP could have unveiled an iPad rival at CES, but wanted a separate event to do things right. The good news doesn’t stop here, as Bradley promises a connected experience provided by more than one device, so we’re about to see a wide range of gadgets taking off on February 9th in San Francisco.

Although Palm’s involvement wasn’t mentioned, they’re surely part of this!