Well, HP is not doing so well and maybe getting into the tablet biz has been a bad idea… Especially since we’ve just heard that Best Buy had a total stock of 270,000 HP TouchPad units and it only sold…. 25,000. And we thought that the BlackBerry PlayBook was in trouble!!

Also, Best Buy seems to be asking for a refund, since it’s left with so many units. What will HP do with the hundreds of thousands of tablets left? Maybe they’ll give them to employees, since they have so many… Walmart, Micro Center and Fry’s are experiencing the same problem. Experts say that people who learned about the recent $50 and $100 discounts are probably waiting for further price reductions.

Yeah, I’m sure that’s the problem… That and the lag, 1.15 minutes of boot time, the uninspired OS and the lack of applications in the store offered by HP. Add to that the dead OS and the lack of originality in design. Would YOU buy a TouchPad?