The poor HP TouchPad went through a lot this year… It was criticized, praised, canned, resurrected, given a $99 price tag, had Android ported on it, came back to sell a bit more units and finally had MeeGo ported to it. The proof lies below:

We get a couple of seconds of action time with MeeGo 1.3 CE on the device, that many are buying just to get a cheap slate that’s able to run Honeycomb, when its port will be ready. Well, MeeGo is not exactly the MeeGo we knew, but rather a project called Tizen, an evolved version of the platform that has been developing a lot over the past 2 years.

MeeGo 1.3 Community Edition is the one in the video below and if I’m not mistaking, it’s the same one as that on the Nokia N900. What’s next, Windows 8 on the TouchPad or maybe iOS 5?