ASUS has just released its Q3 financial results and with it they offered some details about future plans. Said plans include new tablets and netbooks, with the former incorporating two Windows 8 units. While the next big launch is the one of the Tegra 3 Transformer Prime next week, last year will be at least as interesting as 2011, launch-wise.

Now we’re waiting for the ASUS Padfone smartphone-tablet in early 2012 and an upgraded ASUS Eee Pad Slider, also at the beginning of next year. ASUS it also aiming at taking over the notebook segment, getting impressive revenues from Asia and 40% of revenue from Europe. In the USA, this brand is not so famous, but they’re on the right path. ASUS sold 5.42 million notebooks and netbooks last quarter, making the company the world’s fifth largest maker.

In the July-September time frame, the company recorded a profit of almost 112 million euros and this year the total is around 2.44 billion euros, so everything is looking up.