HP Slate 8 is the first official name for a Windows 8 business tablet, that was found in a new slide from a HP internal presentation. This leak shows HP’s tablet with Win 8 and you should know that the Slate 8 is different from the Slate 500. This enterprise device will have a 10.1 inch display and docking ability.

It also brings Windows 8 Professional with touch controls obviously and this model could end up as part of the Elite line from HP, the highest level of consumer products. Security is also enhanced here via HP ProtectTools, TPM security and support for Computrace, useful when you lose your tablet. Windows 8 also supports capacitive pen input and the HP Slate 8 has a display ready to work outdoors. HP’s slate provides 8-10 hours of battery life and the product weighs 0.68 kg.

The Slate 8 is 9.2mm thin and comes with an aluminium body. Its design reminds me of the HTC Jestream tablet, which is actually high praise, since the look of the HTC device was original. I guess we’ll have to wait and see when HP announces the product officially, in case it doesn’t remain a mere prototype.