And here’s the rumor mill again, this time related to tablets… Some reports are saying that the Nintendo Wii U may end up being an Android OS tablet, or a device based on Android. VG 24/7 is saying that high level Android developers were discussing with the folks at Nintendo and they seemed to be warming up to each other.

I’m talking about some tweets here, so we should take this theory with a grain of salt, since the devs and folks of Nintendo may have been merely chatting. It would be interesting to see the Wii U taking off with an OS as popular as Android, especially since we lack a real gaming tablet out there. Nintendo could go the RIM way and offer a way to emulate Android apps and games, maybe even grant access to the Google Play Store, opening up so many possibilities for the new Wii.

Nintendo hasn’t ever sided with Android or iOS, keeping its products very close and not being fond of emulators and ports. This closed attitude is the one that makes me think twice when I hear rumors about an Android-based Wii tablet. Other rumors mention a dashboard like the one on the PS3 and Xbox, with many content providing services, such as NetFlix, YouTube and the other usual suspects. Would you dig the Wii U more with Android or without it?