HP Slate 500 was announced just days ago and Slashgear already found some time to mess around with the device. This is Windows 7 material, coming to the market for $799, bundled with a HDMI docking station. We have to mention that the device runs Win 7 aided by a multi-mode touchscreen, supporting finger and pen interaction.

The slate is clearly smaller than the iPad, with a 8.9 inch diagonal and a pretty thin bezel, that’s still wide enough for you to hold the device with one hand and not touch the screen by accident. Slashgear claims that HP Slate 500 feels solid, it has great grip and its 1.86GHz Atom CPU is faster than what you can find on the majority of netbooks.

Also, we learn that this slate relies on a SSD, rather than a hard drive and it’s got a Broadcom graphics accelerator chip, with support for high-def video playback. HP doesn’t want the Slate 500 to be considered an iPad rival, as it aims its product to the enterprise and business customers. Corporate desktop software will make its way on this tablet, but honestly we don’t see it selling even as many units as the Samsung Galaxy did…

More info in the videos below: