We’ve seen a bunch of leaks of HP’s supposed Windows 8 Slate and now there’s yet another bit of information pointing to a close release. HP recently unveiled a slew of monitors, desktops, laptops and accessories and hinted at an enterprise tablet, saying that it will announce it soon.

There’s no data about specs, but one can only hope this si the Windows 8 “Slate 8” model that people are talking about. HP has announced most of its fall products already and we wonder if the new model is actually the one spotted in the Olympics ad from this summer. Well, one thing is for sure: Windows RT is not on HP’s roadmap for the future, since they said so themselves. They will probably release an Intel CPU-based tablet with Core i7, Core i5 and the likes, as well as 4 GB of RAM and the usual 11 or 10 inch screen.

What will differentiate HP from its rivals will be the business/enterprise features offered and probably some printer bundles and printer services. I also expect some encryption features and the possibility to manage a database or server or work with colleagues from the tablet.