What you can see below is the HP/Palm webOS slate Topaz, shown in a leaked internal render of the device. Apparently, HP will be launching two tablets, the 9 inch Topaz and the 7 inch Opal, that could debut on the company’s February 9th event. Said event is defined by this mysterious motto: “Something big, Something small, Something beyond”.

As you can see, the slate sports no buttons and it resembles the iPad quite a bit, to be honest. There’s also a front facing camera on board, a microUSB port on the bottom part and a 3-speaker segment for stereo audio in landscape and portrait modes. This means that you’ll listening to a couple of speakers on the left side and a single one on the right.

The back of the device is glossy and these units are meant for June shipping and maybe a release later this year. As far as connectivity is concerned, you get WiFi, AT&T 3G and Verizon LTE, all of these being Opal versions scheduled for a September release. The AT&T LTE should be coming in July 2012, according to a leaked marketing slide.

Both models have 1.2GHz processors, according to rumors, but their maker is not known yet.