HP already admitted it’s already working on a Windows 8 tablet, but it didn’t mention if that rumored Slate 8 exists or not. Now there’s a video out there, a commercial called “Make it Matter”, that ends with a familiar looking tablet.

What we see here is a metallic body with a big black antenna window, that may just be the HP Slate 8. The folks of Engadget already asked HP if it’s a clever teaser for a product or just a concept and they haven’t replied yet. After all, it’s the weekend, the summer holidays and people aren’t keen on answering such stuff.

Last I heard HP was pretty uncertain about its involvement with the whole Windows 8 and Windows RT phenomenon. They pulled back from the Windows RT initiative and announced they’ll only focus on Windows 8. The company is going through a sort of transition an Win 8 would be a good idea to come back on the market with a glorious product.