It’s one thing to buy a company and make it your own, taking over their innovation and another to take over a brand and completely destroy it. That’s what HP did to Palm and webOS, that are now on a path to destruction… HP spent around $3.3 billion in total for the webOS group of products and absorbing Palm completely.

The result is a bunch of failed webOS devices, including the TouchPad that got so bad at some point that it was part of a $99 fire sale, to get rid of the leftover units. Also, the follow-up tablet, the TouchPad Go with 7 inch diagonal went down the drain as well, with 100k units still there to be tossed around. Maybe they’ll be given to employees…

Now, HP has a new CEO, that for a while wanted the company to give up making PCs, tablets and phones, focusing on software instead. However Meg Whitman changed her mind, inspired by Steve Jobs and went back on the decision to give up PCs. Now the employees at HP await a decision regarding the company’s future in the following weeks. There’s an obvious choice here: selling WebOS to someone more capable to manage it and names like Amazon and Samsung popped up recently. Will HP go down because of the bad transaction?

  • Ralph

    HP has truely lost its way. It has no leadership (in the recent past or now), no vision. In short, HP doesn’t know what to do next. It needs to focus on what it does best instead of always trying to grow and increase revenue. Afterall, isn’t HP large enough? That’s part of its problem. It’s too large already. It needs to focus on what it knows how to do. And when it does venture out into new fields, it needs management that knows what it’s doing. Something it has been sorely lacking in recent years. The recent CEO change is not the cure.

  • Deian Stancu

    Told everybody this will happend, no one believed me, they laughed at me… They told me I am an idiot…
    Who’s laughing now? Who’s the idiot now?