Intel and HP are ready to shock and amaze on Black Friday, by offering a sub $100 Android tablet. The result will be a 7 inch HP tablet, that’s branded the Mesquite and packs an Intel processor.


The device will sell for $89 at Walmart and the specs will be modest, obviously. Intel has been involved in several other deals of this kind, such as the one that offers you a $99 Dell Venue 8 tablet if you buy a PC at Costco for $600 or more. The Dell Venue 8 will also go on sale from Dell for $130, so yet another good price.

Meanwhile, Intel is also going strong in the Samsung area, with $100 off the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 at Best Buy, with a sales price of $300. I expect a few Windows models and Android ones to also make the cut, maybe some Acer and ASUS units as well.