LG G Pad 8.3 can easily be considered this year’s biggest surprise in the tablet area. Who could have thought that LG, a brand that has kept away from tablets for over a year now can produce a device that’s both classy and well specced. Also the price is not bad, but we’re not here for that, but rather to give you some tips on how to root it.


If you want to root your freshly purchase LG G Pad 8.3 or if you want to buy one for Black Friday and want to be all set, keep reading. Before you root, you should know that this probably breaches the warranty and your device could get hurt in the process. The method comes from the XDA community, a trusted source when it comes hacking, rooting, modding and all that.

There’s a slight problem here, that to me sounds like a reason by itself to stop the root: some people have reported that your data and IMEI numbers will be sent to a Chinese IP address at the same time with the root. That’s not cool… Anyway if you still want to proceed, you need the LG drivers that spawn from installing the LG United Mobile Driver from here.

Then you download the Kingo Root program from here, run it, follow the prompts, have your device reboot and you’re done.