High resolution LCD panels with pixel densities of 300 ppi or more are getting more and more popular this year and this trend has evolved a lot in 2013. Shipments are set to approach 13 million units, according to research firm IHS.


In 2012 the figures were close to zero and now we’re approaching 13 million and shipments are expected to be more than double in 2014 and it will climb to 55 million by 2017. Tablet makers are in a race to differentiate themselves from the competition and high end displays are the way to do that, among others.

Till the 300 ppi threshold, the most common density was in the 251-300 ppi range, where the Apple iPad 4 and the 9 inch Barnes & Noble Nook HD+ fit. Below that segment we find the 200-251 slates, like the 7 inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Nexus 10. In this area the shipments are expected to be around 22.8 million this year, up from 12.1 million. High resolution displays are also evolving on notebooks, including Apple’s and Samsung’s.