It appears that Digitimes has it on good authority that HP, Samsung, Acer and Lenovo are digging into the sales and market share of ASUS. The sales of the company have been weakening, but ASUS has high hopes that the new Nexus 7 will turn that around.


If you ask me, ASUS is doing just fine, especially with models like the new MeMo Pads coming out and totally covering the midrange Android area. They don’t have an equivalent from Samsung, so that’s a plus. I’ll remind you that tomorrow something big is expected to happen at Google’s HQ, as the Nexus 7 2 may get announcing during a special event.

Asustek shipped 5.7 million tablets in the first half of 2013 and intends to ship 6.3 million units in the second half in order to reach its annual quota of 12 million units for this year. The company was hoping for an earlier release of the new Nexus 7 and shipments to increase in June, so now they’re revamping their strategies. Last I heard, expectations were that that new Nexus would sell 8 million units. Can it be done?