There’s such a thing as phones for senior citizens, but what about tablets? Now there’s at least one such model and it’s dubbed the grandPad. This slate is meant for grandparents and it comes just as the population in Western nations is getting older and older. 14% of the world’s population is older than 65 and many people aren’t exactly tech savvy.

Thus they can have a hard time keeping up with the grandchildren for example. The idea is to offer them an easier way into the technological maze, through intuitive devices. One such product is the grandPad Tablet, designed specifically for seniors with minimal tech skills. This is an 8 inch tablet with 4G LTE connectivity, so there’s no problem if WiFi isn’t available around.

There’s apparently some exclusive thing going on, as the product needs Verizon coverage to work. The tablet uses very simple and intuitive apps to make calls, send emails, play games, check the weather, take and send pictures, or even do videocalls. All of that is done without complicated setup, passwords or other distractions. The device can also be setup to view the children or grandchildren pics from Facebook or Instagram.

We don’t have official details, but judging by the device’s screen there’s an 24 Hour Home Care service, that will cater to the elderly and maybe even their potential health needs. An SOS/panic button could also be useful and I’m sure one is here. The grandPad is priced at $75 a month, or you can pay for the full year a one time $786 free. This includes the tablet and a free replacement in case of theft or breakage.

More info about the tablet is found here.