In October last year Google announced a pretty different product from what we are used to, more precisely the Jamboard tablet, a huge devices with 55-inch screen designed for the enterprise world. Today, the producer announced that fact that this slate will go on sale starting May at a $4999 price tag + $600 additional fee for management services per year.

This tablet was developed with companies in mind and its main purpose is to replace the ordinary projection screen or drawing board. We’re getting an amazing 55-inch screen here with 4K Ultra HD resolution and there’s a technology that will recognise finger gestures from those made with a stylus.

Google Jamboard offers multi-user support and the users can post ideas, documents and pictures on the tablet by using cloud services like Google Drive. We have some apps for Android and iOS in order to transfer files faster and as you can see the tablet arrives on a roller-blade stand so we can move it quickly around. A truly great devicee for companies!