Google CEO Larry Page recently announced the revenues of the search engine giant for the past quarter and he also had some interesting hints towards a Nexus Table, in the same conference call. He mentioned that Google will focus on the low cost tablet market to increase the Android market share in the slate space, as it competes with the iOS devices and the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Page is sure that Google will achieve the desired result in the low cost segment and he must be, possibly having played with the slate himself. It’s important to know that right now Google isn’t officially admitting they’re working on a cheap Nexus tablet, although everyone in the media thinks so. ASUS is supposed to be the company that makes it, reconverting the 7 inch MeMo slate priced at $250 project into this one, according to rumors. Previous leaks have said that the device will even cost as low as $150, mostly because the Tegra 3 CPU has been dropped, in favour of a lower price.

The Amazon Kindle Fire is the main problem here, since it may use Android 2.3, but a heavily skinned version, all wrapped up in the retailer’s services and offerings. And then there’s the iPad problem, with a new version getting traction out there and a rumored smaller model coming… Google will certainly have to deal with that too, so a Nexus Tablet is not only a good idea, but also a must have product in their portofolio.