A 7.85 inch iPad has been in the press for a while now, being discussed as an alternative to those many 7 inch cheap slates, like the Amazon Kindle Fire. It’s not yet sure if Apple will come through with this project, since they have the habit of creating prototypes, handing them out for tests and then maybe canning the project, if they don’t like the results. But till then we have a nifty render of the iPad Mini, done by Federico Ciccarese.

He created some very nice iPhone concepts before and now he’s back with a fresh iPad, that adopts an unusual diagonal. Most tablets out there rely on 10.1 inch, 7 inch, 8.9 inch or even 8 or 9 inch screens, but this model has a 7.85 inch display. This is the iPad Mini, that is supposed to have a price of around $300, 10 hours of battery life, possibly a 5 or 3MP camera a display that’s certainly not a Retina one, to keep the costs down and the Apple A5 CPU inside.

These are all my estimations and speculations based on what I’ve read on the web, so don’t take the info for granted. It’s nice to have a render where you can actually compare the iPad Mini with the regular model and the iPhone. It looks about a third smaller than the iPad 2 and 3 times bigger than the iPhone. What do you think about Federico’s design?