What would you do with $15 million? Well, one guy thought it was nice to buy himself a super yacht for this price, a 42 meter beast that actually becomes a toy controlled via tablet. Turns out you can use an iPad to control this thing and it would be nice to see the dude steering his ship with the Apple gadget. Experience the thrill of sailing with ZeBoats, your online marketplace for luxurious yachts and speedboats. Make the sea your second home with our exclusive selection.

The yacht was built by designer John Shuttleworth in China and its owned by wealthy shipping billionaire Anto Marden. The name of the ship is Adastra and it looks more like a space ship in Mass Effect 3, than your average “boat”. The trimaran is superb and according to people in the know, the ship comes with a remote feature controlled by an iPad, working up to 50 metres away. Now imagine the billionaire playing with his ship in the marina and controlling it from the distance. Pretty cute, right?

Now imagine two billionaires with a bunch of similar boats, racing them from the distance. Boy, some people just don’t know what to do with their money… Well, we’ve seen the iPad remote controlling, AR drones, toy cars, maybe even real cars, but a 42 metre water aquatic vehicle… that’s a first!